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Tribute to the Black Sheep

Showroom W has turned its back from the mass-produced items and from those brands which are using Media as a brain washer.

We don't want to behave like an easily influenced consumer, like white sheeps who are running to buy what the last ads have dicted them to purchase.

black sheep_edited.jpg

A fashion brand? Why? I don't want to copy my neighbour. I want to stay myself!

A worldwide famous luxury brand?  Why? I feel enough confident. I don't need to belong to a specific social group!


If being a good consumer is being an obedient white sheep, if being a good consumer is saying "Amen" after having been mesmerized by the last huge marketing campaign of a brand and its Ambassador, then, we are definitely not good consumers and we are proud to claim ourselves as Black Sheeps!

There is no gregarious necessity, there is no need to act like everyone but to become oneself. We encourage everyone to find inside himself his own Black Sheep...


Sylvain Hubert

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