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Explore the World of Luxury Watch Brands and Watch Accessories

Immerse yourself in the realm of luxury watches and exquisite watch accessories. Discover prestigious brands, elegant designs, and high-end features. Elevate your style with a touch of elegance and sophistication. Explore now and indulge in luxury craftsmanship!


Independent watch brand renowned for its in-house movement Calibre Royal.
Founded in 1974 in Morteau (France), Pequignet has built its success in the 90's with its elegant women collections, such as the renowned Moorea line.
In 2011, Pequignet has developed  its own movement in order to revive the high-end French Horology and to suggest a luxury yet affordable watch to connoisseurs and watch lovers. In term of high-end movement and watchmaking, Pequignet is definitely our pride at our showroom!

ZRC 1904

Few people know it but ZRC is an old brand! Born in 1904 but known especially since 1964 to be the official French Navy supplier. ZRC can be proud of its different patents such as the ECS (Easy Cleaning System) to get rid of the sea salt coming between bezel and case, or the CPS (Crown Protecting System) to insure a perfect sealing before diving. ZRC is a small brand but very well known and appreciated by the diver watch aficionados! Here we also love it!


Independent watch brand renowned to be the specialist of single-hand watches.
Founded in 2001 in Münster (Germany), Meistersinger took its inspiration in pocket watches, measurement tools and old church clocks. Meistersinger is not only offering a unique design but reviving an old perception of time which is slower than the usual one and definitiely more relaxing.  Maybe our favorite brand here for its strong and daring statement! :)

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